Vaporizador Vapbong Bolsillo

Vaporizador Vapbong Bolsillo


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Pocket vaporizer clean burn aromatic substances and / or activity of plants. Camouflaged and protected by a hollow pen, has an air cooling system. Requires a burner type torch to enjoy 100%.





A VAPBONG is healthy and pleasant ...

The Vapbong is able to create a hot air stream which removes substances from various plants and allows inhalation without the harmful substances that result from previous combustion. Fumes produced or not irritate the lungs and the rest, as the steam does not produce odors like smoke and evaporates immediately above.

High Quality - in the process of vaporization as in the manufacture!

The unique patented construction ensures cooling apparatus vapors before they enter the mouth. Laboratory glass (Borosilicate 3.3), high quality silicone and brass filters seek long life, easy cleaning and hygiene. Most Vapbong is handmade and every single inhalator is a perfect quality control and manufacturing before going on sale.

Practical, easy and very, very fast!

The Vapbong has a small footprint and very comfortable and its acquisition is not a large expense. Even devices of this type (called 'Vapourizer' or 'Vaporizers'), which cost significantly more and are larger, achieve better results. Above is protected against damage and annoying questions by a case with a normal marker.

Vapbong completo

The Vapbong consumption serves to clean -no harmful substances and odors- Aromatic substances and / or active in plants. Steam inhalation is an alternative to the inhalation of smoke from the burning plant. The vaporization operates with a hot air stream which carries the plant substances without burning. The vapor is inhaled but contains no harmful byproducts such as those resulting from traditional combustion. The plant is used much more than when smoked and the purchase is amortized quickly.

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Although the vaporization takes place near the mouth, there is no danger of burns. The cooling system Vapbong unique, patented, allows direct inhalation of vapor and air mixture without having to 'store' in the mouth. You can carry the device in your pocket and use it whenever and wherever you want. The normal marker kit specially adapted spray protects against damage and questions annoying:

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1,2)Choose a suitable plant and let it dry thoroughly. The use of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus Labill) or Sage (Salvia officinalis). These plants can be bought at the pharmacy. The apparatus can also be used with snuff and serves to disengage the smoke addiction.

3)Shred the most of the plant, because this increases the surface Crushing Plantdetermines the quality of the vaporization process. If the plant is at its point, the powder can be finger pressure.4)Opening the case by rotating and pulling the rubber stopper.5)Making the Case Vapbong carefully.

6)Now pull the tube out of the glass and rubber splice.7)Remove the outer filter inner glass tube. The load space is located on the inner glass tube between the inner filter and the outer filter.8)Fill the cargo space with the plant dried and crushed, trying not to press too. Believe it or not, the amount goes a long way!

9, 10)Gather the filter back outside with the inner glass tube and the outer glass tube with rubber splicing. Ensure that the cargo space is on the bottom of the outer glass tube. Otherwise adjust repositioning the rubber joint. The external filter should not go more than 5 mm from the bottom of the glass tube to not extend outside the heating process.

11)First you preheat the load space about 10 seconds, touching the Vapbong belowrubber joint and twisting slightly. Do not plug the holes where air enters! Whenever you do not touch the appliance near to the load space, there is no danger of burning. You can use a normal lighter or a lighter flame jet-like 'Lighters Vapbong' (mark 'Picoflam', tested one by one before going on sale). Using a normal lighter, you have to put the end of the glass tube in the blue part of the flame, because that's not the glass gets dirty with soot! The stronger lallama, less long does the preheating phase. See Item 5B ON 'LIGHTERS VAPBONG'!

5a)(NORMAL LIGHTER) precalentamineto After tightening the lips around the mouthpiece and keep the unit at an angle of 45 degrees. Now inhale warm and strong at once, as if it were a Vapbong oxygen bottle (!). It shows a slight resistance. The steam starts and taste is being felt more and more as the temperature rises. For the plant does not burn, it is important to remove the note called when clearly the flavor of the vapor.

5b)(BURNER VAPBONG) This procedure more discreet, without soot and advantageous usually advisable when using a burner type 'jetflame': can inhale (as explained in the 5th) and heat separately. The steam
AFTERs the first inhalation is not yet visible, but perceived a strong flavor of the plant. Repeat steps 11 and 5b until steam is visible: Now Vapbong has reached its ideal temperature. EYE: Be careful not to burn yourself with the hot end!

13)The mixture of air and steam is visible when breathing.

14)The closer you are to the combustion temperature, steam most noticeable visually. When that happens, the second inhalation Vapbong allows just after the first without having to heat the device again. Normally the steps 11 to 14 may be repeated three or four times, that is, the lungs can fill up to eight times. Intervals hold for the interior. Low temperatures can prolong or wind. Otherwise very strong flames can shorten. It is preferable to having to repeat the warming we spend and set fire to the load. According to the flavor and plant heat vaporization know when finished. Eventually the plant turns brown, slightly bitter know, seems toast and is completely dehydrated, but not burnt! The easiest way to remove the remains, is to remove the outer filter and give tap the cargo space.

EYE: Leavingthe appliance to cool gradually, if the hot glass is quenched (eg water) can be broken!

The Vapong allows use as pipe, overheating or burning the burden on purpose. The slow combustion and smoke enters the mouth so cooled and enriched air. Eye: dirty combustion apparatus (and lungs) that vaporization much more!


Vaporizing capita accumulates resin inside the glass tube and the inner filter. If the outer glass tube is not heated by the blue flame (using a normal lighter) can accumulate soot in the heating zone. The rest of the parts hardly becomes dirty. It takes about five minutes to clean the Vapbong. Using it is often recommended to do it once a week, if not used as pipe. To clean it you have to remove it first.

   A)Remove the rubber splicing nozzle, and then remove the splice own inner glass tube.

   B)Now remove the filter inside the inner glass tube. This is achieved by passing a length of wire (for example a clip open!) Output by the inner tube inside the filter reaching to push it out. Putting it in alcohol before, it may beeasier to remove. After cleaning again simply pushed inward.

  C)The most suitable substance for cleaning is ethyl alcohol. Capita drops dissolve the resin in the inner tube and allow cleaning with a pipe cleaner for instance. It is advisable to immerse the filter completely inside ethyl alcohol or even let soak for a while. That also helps out more easily. If the inner filter is heavily soiled, cleaning is possible with a flame does not produce soot (lighter Vapbong!).


How long I have to preheat the Vapbong and how I can know that the temperature has reached ideal use?

Specific ranges depend on the strength of the flame and the temperature of the surroundings. It usually works like this: at first it is advisable to approach the ideal application temperature in several steps, heating and inhaling rather little later. Although one can not readily see the steam and can perceive the taste of the etheric oils. Repeat this procedure several times. As is visible exhaling still inhaling vapor, but should not be heated more while it is visible steam. The three keys to determine the proper preheat time are:

VISIBILITYSTEAM, the flavor of the inhaled and a bit - but really only a little - EXPERIENCE!

What is the best way to inhale with Vapbong?

Closing her lips tightly around the mouthpiece, so that all the inhaled air passes through the apparatus. Inhale deeply for a few seconds, like a diver breathing through an oxygen bottle!

Why I always turn off the Vapbong?

A Vapbong not be turned off, because it never lights (not being an @ what overheated ...). Although you can not turn off, the temperature drops so after about three deep breaths, it stops producing steam visible. In this case you simply reheated until it is re exhaling see steam and thus again has reached the appropriate temperature of use.

Does the outer filter has remained in the outer tube, I do now?

First you have to remove the filter tube with a suitable object (eg a screwdriver). After put into the inner tube and using finger pressure to adapt to the shape and diameter of the inner tube.

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