Barra de Coco - 50 Litros

Barra de Coco - 50 Litros


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Coconut fiber has an ideal structure (air - water) for root development which results in an explosive growth of the plant. It is necessary to use specific fertilizers.






Coconut, organic despite being, it is considered as an inert substrate, as fertilizers to be added from the beginning of cultivation.


In the culture substrate are more important physical properties that the chemical,since they are more difficult to change by the grower.
By contrast, the chemical properties are most easily modified by appropriate breeding techniques (for example, although the conductivity is high, it can decrease by washing).

The most important qualities that a substrate must submit:
- High porosityand aeration.
- High water holding capacity available and digestible.
- High cation exchange capacity.
- Good drainage.
- Good ability to rewetting.
- Low density, light weight and do it easily manageable.
A water distribution capacity and balanced air.
- And of course that is biodegradable.

!Cocopeat® the meet!
Natural fiber, light golden brown, much like peat moss Sphagnum, resistant, biodegradable.
Its high porosity allows it to absorb 8 times its weight in water, while retaining all of its structure with air-filled pores.
Decomposes more slowly than peat, avoiding compaction.
Its spongy structure increases 30% capacitymoisture retention, allowing roots 20% greater development.
Its natural pH is between 5.8 and 6.4
The cation exchange capacity is excellent.
The salt may be washed away.
Ideal for staking, long-term cultures.
Being a 100% natural product can change in presentation.
Cocopeat®is a trademark that ensures quality control.

Characterization of Cocopeat ® fiber made by the R & D of Neighbor, SA and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.
Physico-chemical and chemical
pH5.7 to 6.0
EC (mS / cm)0.75 to 1.20
N-NO3 (ppm)<0.10
Matt. organic (%)95.30
Apparent density0.055
Real Density g / cc1.55
Total pore space (% by vol.)96.7
Water retention (% vol.) To: 
10 cm70
50 cm45
100 cm39
Aeration capacity (% by vol.)31
Readily available water (% by vol.)22.4
Water reserves (% by vol.)5
- Clean material
- Does not contain weed seeds
- There is a carrier of diseases
- No toxic pesticide residues leads

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