Secret Smoke Bags Ice Hash Extraction

Secret Smoke Bags Ice Hash Extraction Washer

Secret Smoke Ice Bag resin extraction kit for making Ice hash via the cold water method.

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Washing machine centrifuge for the extraction of resin in cold. Includes complete instructions, internal pyramidal bag and mesh Secret Icer game. Programmable 15 minutes. Capacity: 14 litres. 135W.





Yellow 190μ
Red 50μ
Green 70μ
Blue 45μ
Black 25μ

** Secret Icer 2 mesh = yellow, blue.
** Secret Icer 3 mesh = yellow, green, black.
** Secret Icer 5 mesh = yellow, red, green, blue, black.

Required materials:

-Dry and frozen plant (leaves and clippings) material.
-1 cube (+/-30 cm of diameter).
-Paper towels (absorbent).
-2 kg of ice cubes, enough to reduce the temperature of 4 ° C (41 ° F).
-Metal sieve (included).
-Pyramid bag 220mc (included).
-Game meshes SECRET ICER (optional 2 or 3 stitches)


Put the washing machine secret smoke on a raised platform and the bucket on the floor. Put the bags in thecube (respecting the order). It is always the most fine (holes more small) below.

Fill the washing machine secret smoke in half with cold water. Add the ice. If the ice is in large blocks, be sure to break it into small pieces. Put the washing machine secret smoke work for 2 minutes to toss the ice and water. Measure the temperature of the water to make sure that this approximately 4 ° C. If you need cooler, add more ice.

Fill the pyramid bag (with leaves and cuts) with material previously frozen 500 gr. Max. Metella in the washing machine smoke secret and closes the lid. Program time (of 3 min. to 8 min.). It will begin to stir the leaves.

When you stop to 0 you can open the lid of the washing machine smoke secret by removing the pyramid bag, you squeeze her to let fall the water exedente. Low water outlet tube so it empties in the cube.

Put the outlet tube back in the washing machine smoke secret withdraws the first bag of the cube and aprietaza to let fall the water exedente. In this bag there will be no glass, only waste. Remove the second bag, muevela a couple of times (from top to bottom) inside and out of the water so that the crystals to focus in the Middle. Then he squeezes the bag. Envelve bag (the part where are the crystals) with a paper towel on the outside of the bag. Aprietala to remove as much as possible humidity. If you have more bags repeats this process.

Crystals that you have been in the bag to put them in the metal colander and put the strainer on a paper. The crystals (with a spoon) it pushes through the strainer and then desparramalos in the role for effective drying. It should be dry for 48 hours at room temperature (in the shade). Drying is very important. If not done properly you can ferment and take bad odor.

Once dry they can already pressing. Pollinator company we have several presses from manuals until 4 ton hydraulic presses. To wash most of the crystals are extracted but it is possible that they are enough. We recommend to repeat the process from step 3 to step 6 (with the same leaves) for sure be pulling anything of crystals. You can use the same water to not use so much ice. You must rinse with cold water bags soon as you finish using them so not sticking crystals to the bag. If they stick, you can clean them with alcohol (96%).

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