Cornwall Electronics Ozone Generator- 200 mg/h

Cornwall Electronics Ozone Generator- 200 mg/h

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Ozonator wall with adjustable ozone output at intervals. Operating period of work: 0 - 30 minutes; adjustable ozone output intervals: 1 - 5 hours; ozone output: 200 mg/h.



 -The gas ozone generated in the device is able to oxidize any bacteria and micro-organisms in the air and on the surface.
 -Adjustment of the operating ozone output at intervals.
 -Ignition and automatic shutdown.
 -Effective distribution of ozone by a fan.
 -Wall mounting.
 -Ozone, unlike the perfumed deodorant, oxygenates microorganisms or pollutants that cause the smell and removes them permanently.
 -Eliminate the smell of the smoke from the cigarettes in the room, clothes or furniture.
 -Reduces and eliminates toxic gases such as formaldehyde and toluene, emitted from the furniture, clothes and paintings
 -Neutralizes and removes microbes in the air or on the surface in bathrooms or kitchens.
 -It decays the presence of mites of dust, pet dander, cockroach killing bacteria that attract.
 -Prevents the growth of mold and keeps the bacteria-free environment.
Technical specifications:
Name: Air fresher and deodoriser Cornwall Electronics
Model: OZ200
Voltageinput: + - 10% AC220V
Average power: 7W
Ozone output: 200 mg/h
Period of work of ozone: 0 - 30 minutes
Adjustable automatic cycle of working time: 1-5 hours
Measures: 22x10.5x5 cm
Instructions for use
1. Mount the unit on the wall with a double slide adhesive tape or using the hollow of the back to a recommended height of 1.2 - 2 m and plug it into the current (Note: the device can only be used once fixed to the wall).
2. The ignition lights flash in auxiliary mode (standby).
3. Open the transparent plastic cover and press the button of "OPERATING TIME". Automatic operation intervals are 6 hours with ozone output for 20 minutes.
4. Press the key interval operations and adjust time intervals by pressing the button to indicate 1 hour, 2 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours or 5 hours. The light on will correspond to the chosen interval.
5. Select the operations by pressing the button "OPERATING TIME" in 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 min.
6. Once completed the adjustment, close the transparent plastic cover.
7. To stop the device press the "OFF" button either unplug the device from the current.
8. If not you are going to use for a long time, disconnect it from the mains.

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