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Ozotres Ozone Generator for Ducting

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Ozonator online to eliminate odors in ducts, filter dust and 1 to 4 changeable valves according to model. Placed the end of extraction generates ozone molecules by removing bacteria, viruses and fungi destroying the smell.





NEW MODELS. The new line of generators of ozone Ozotres CNTO = C was designed to clean the air circulating through extraction. Placed at the end of the tour the lamps generate ozone molecules deposited in the air remove the microorganisms that form the smell transforming the polluted air of the duct in clean and unpolluted air.


Ozotres ozone generator is a high-tech equipment manufactured under the strictest quality controls serving Spanish and European regulations in the electrical field and admissible concentration of ozone in environments. IMPORTANT: through ozone generator has to work with a charcoal filter at the beginning of the path of extraction (no need never change more), to filter large particles that can get dirty lamps ahead of schedule.

The format of the team and the production of ozone are intended to the purification of the air that flows through a duct. This system was designed in order to apply the ozone directly into the extraction pipe and thus eliminate 100% the smell that can go outside. Without filters of any kind. The team has a filter dust refill and up to four valves (depending on model) also changeable with a lifetime of 25,000 hours (3 years).

Ozone activated form of oxygen, is produced by a special lamp with own luminosity. The main feature of the ozone is his great power disinfectant, sterilizing and deodorant. Removes germs, bacteris, virus, fungi, etc., producing a decontamination of the environment by deleting the same harmful particles and undesirable odors.

What is ozone?
It is a gas that forms naturally in storms, the mountains and the sea.

How do we generate it?
Ozotres uses the lamp ozone generator system (is not UV). The molecule of ozone after being generated is transformed in oxygen with a life of fifteen minutes, this process does not produce risk of danger to persons in an environment ozonizado with our equipment and system of calculation.

* It destroys the odor without masking it
* Eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air we breathe
* Ecological, lowelectricity consumption
* Easy installation

Ozone generating lamps are the best and most powerful volatile natural disinfectant (according to applications, from 400 to 2,000 times faster and more effective than chlorine) forming molecules of ozone than, deposited in the air to eliminate microorganisms. Enriching the environment with clean, dry and unpolluted air.

- With immediate effect.
- Against bad smells, organic and inorganic, tobacco, garbage, kitchens, humidity, bathrooms, dressing rooms, etc.
- It destroys and removes compounds harmful air, as microorganisms, air, germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and dust mites that cause colds, flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, etc.
- Total hygiene: for patients unable to, pets, lcales closed with influx of public. In children or elderly with respiratory problems.
- Powerful germicidal and fungicidal great healing power, oxygenates the blood by strengthening red blood cells.
- Creates negative ions. they are contrasted with the amount of positive ions which we create in our lives everyday, causing general discomfort.
- Auyenta moth, liable, etc. in total absence.

-Homes and local public
-Bars, restaurants, kitchens
-Pubs, karaokes, discos, cinemas, dance halls
-Hotels, residences 3rd age, hospitals
-Gyms, therapists, masseurs, peluqerías
-Changing rooms, toilets, toilet
-Veterinarians, bird shops
-Funeral homes, industries, offices, shops
-Refrigeration Chambers, air conditioners
-Triperías, farms
-Abattoirs, fish, greenhouses
-Drying of hams
-Treatment of water, cleaning of containers
-Aging whiskies Brandy
-Amateur cultivation of fragrant plants

Ozone is the future for the fight against pollution and treatment of bad smells.


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