pH Test Kit

pH Test Kit

Ph Test kit for all water.

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PH indicator test. It allows more than 200 testing. Broad spectrum: 4.0 to 8.5. 30 grams.


Our fertilizers contain regulatory elements of pH that allow the nutritive solution to remain stable.For various reasons, this stability can be modified:

* When it is of low quality water
* When the means used have a pH unstable, such as the rock wool and some brands of balls of clay.
* When the pace of growth of the plant is so high that the nutritive solution will have to change frequently, because the nutrients are absorbed very quickly by the plant

Our pH kit is perfect for an easy test. To know the pH level of a nutrient solution, is filled with half of the test tube, add 3 drops of reagent indicator. Compares the resulting color with the card's control. You can do more than 200 tests with a bottle. It is an easy to use, reliable and inexpensive test. Favourably replaces the expensive electronic pH meter.

The level of acidity or alkalinity of a solution is important for the solubility of the mineral salts and also to ensure that plants can absorb them. But there is no ideal pH. A high pH favours the taking of cations and bass favors the taking of anions.
In addition, everyone does not agree: for some scientists, there is no difference!between levels between 4.9 and 6.8! Others are more particular and adjust the levels of each plant. Generally recommended stay between 5.5 and 6.5. We recommend you stay at the bottom of this range from 5.5 to 6.2.

As cultivators, we always have a wish list that would make our life easier. First on the list would be a buffer for pH that would allow us to leave a few days and come back and continue to have the same pH in the nutritive solution. So far, it was only possible with a loose nutritive solution: plants grow slowly in a nutritive solution with little action.

In the presence of rapid growth to consume large amount of iónes, and all the complex interactions that occur in the solution, this stability begins to question. Today, we can solve this phenomenon.

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