SubCulture 10 gramos

SubCulture 10 gramos


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Mixture of beneficial microorganisms that protect the roots from pathogenic fungi that attack (Pythium, Fusarium, Verticillium,...), wrapping them with a protective barrier. 100% Organic natural defense.




You've probably already heard Pythium, Fusarium, espresiones Verticillium,... "and all those names ending in"ium"create" havoc and desolation in plantations and crops. In all the stations, but especially when it's hot, many growers hydroponic suffer any infection by fungi in the roots of your plants. To combat them, some companies they have UV sterilizers, enzymes, powders of tricoderma, etc... with more or less success. By the way, you can also use fungicides, which you will find on any trade Specialized. But we all know that the fungicides are harmful to people and also for the environment.

SubCulture is a 100% biological natural defense.

As experts and consultants in hydroponically, many times we have received questions about the rot and fungi of the roots and, by the way, this has been a great concern to us... until now. For several years have researched extensively how to remove pathogens of the nutritive solution, keeping itnatural and organic as possible.

SubCulture is a mixture of beneficial microorganisms than protect the roots of pathogenic fungi than the attack, wrapping them with a protective barrier, preventing the reproduction and survival of a large number of their "predators".

How do they work? SubCulture? Entirely surrounds the roots with a protective mycelium which prevents the arrival of food to the pathogenic germs, grow, reproduce and therefore survive.

SubCulture also has a second function, also essential: this successful blend of bacteria breaks down waste in suspension in the nutritive solution and allows you to transform a potentially disease-carrying organic matter in readily available supplementary minerals for the plant.

When and where? can you use?

In land is reproduced with easily and can be added simply to irrigation water.

In hydroponic It is necessary to use with the BioFiltre (see information sobre) (BioFiltre), a device that createsthe necessary conditions for their reproduction, thanks to small «stars» in which inhabits and which allow their conservation in conditions of life as long as possible.

To save the purchase of the BioFilter, also can be used 10% of coco, with 90% of Grorox fiber, and add the SubCulture.

Is used both as a preventive or curative: 10 g / 150 L - every 6 weeks.

When preparing the seeds soak, added in the water of the irrigation for land plants or directly in the water of the deposit in case of hydroponic cultivation.

BM and SubCulture are two different products. SubCulture eliminates the pathogenic fungi in roots and breaks down the matter organic in the nutritive solution. BM serves only to decompose organic matter. If you are already using the SubCulture It is not necessary to use the World Bank.

as and when to use? the SubCulture?
As preventive essentially. And as long as the roots are: in particular, strong heat.

What are the advantages? from SubCulture?
SubCulture protects the roots from all fungi pathogens that attack.

What?How long is needed to see the results?
Very little since the microbes are installed. The roots they recover its vigour and in a few days, if they were affected, You will see how returning to sprout new roots.

Why use the? SubCulture?
To protect the roots against pathogens, in aeroponics, hydroponics or crops with soil, there is no no more effective method. In addition to a unbeatable price.


GH and GHE are companies sisters who have grown up independently in 2 continents, North America and Europe. GH started in 1975 in California, and in 1995 opened GHE in France, to better serve to the emerging European market. Both companies work and develop products jointly. Our lines are virtually identical. This is the case of BioMagix and SubCulture. Both products they are formulated on the same basis, but its components they come from different continents. Currently, to bring our lines, We decided to rename BioMagix and replace it with SubCulture.

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