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pH Down seco


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Lowering the pH of pure, concentrated and harmless, for the whole of the plant. Rich in nitrate and phosphorus, providing besides supplements of magnesium, sulphur and trace elements. Contents: 250 gr.


The regulation of the pH is a primary practice for the grower, because that encourages the availability of minerals and the stability of amino acid chelates, with a view to a perfect absorption of the nutrients from the plant. To reach it, used usually various acids presented at industry low more or less concentrated and more or less hazardous forms, Depending on its formulation.

To respond to your demand in particular, GHE has developed a the effectiveness of our pH Down liquid product common and at the same time has eliminated the risks controlled by the legislation.
We are proud to present to you the pH Down dry, a new concept and a unique product in the industry.

pH Down dry is a very particular product: all the time stay in the form of dried granules is harmless, it manipulates easily and has the great advantage of out of class of products of high toxicity. But once in contact with the water is He transforms into a powerful reducer of pH.

In addition it provides plant nutrients essential, both in its vegetative state as in the of flowering and reproduction:

** Nitrate, in a form that is slowly assimilated by the plant and not
annoying during flowering.
** Phosphorus for flowering, but also for roots for healthier, lush foliage and a harmonious cross.
** Also provides a complement in magnesium, sulphur and trace elements.

pH Down dry is also a product of high purity: occurs in the form of crystals that dissolve in water without leaving residues.

The first use of the product is, without a doubt, pH control. But thanks to its high concentration and its high content of phosphoric acid, can also be used for disinfection and cleaning systems, lines of irrigation or substrates. In homeopathic doses may used in spraying the leaves after a insecticide treatment to clean them, at the same time that feeds the plant.

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