BM (Bioponic Mix)

BM (Bioponic Mix)


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Mixture of microorganisms that facilitates the breakdown of organic matter and improve the production on the ground; in hydroponics, using suitable organic fertilizers, improving the development of cultivation imitating the process of natural decomposition which takes place in the land. For crop type DWC or LECA is necessary the use of Bio Filtre.





BioSevia is used very well in land, without any additives. (2 ml / L with each irrigation). You can add a bit of Bioponic Mix (WB) to facilitate the decomposition of the organic matter and improve production results.

However, it is necessary to use Bioponic Mix (WB) for a hydroponic cultivationa specific mixture of micro-organisms that improve the development of cultivation, because they reproduce the process of natural decomposition which takes place in the land.

How to use bacteria?

Their living conditions are not very comfortable in the water because they don't have the capacity of barrier of the Earth, that protects them from the sudden changes in temperature or pH in your environment. Also they need to 'fix' and they cannot survive and multiply in the passage of the current. They need a very ozonated place and must, imperatively, be wet. Dry, they die.

There are two possibilities:

If using a substrate moist coconut coir, wool of rock or perlite. In this case it can be sown the substrate directly with micro-organisms. Sprinkle BM simply on the substrate.

If grown with bare roots or on a substrate of drained as expanded clay balls or the pouzzolana. In this case, use the BioFiltre on your sidethe deposit. Microbes will be a place where it may be reproduced.

Use 10 g / 100 L of nutritive solution. Add more between the 6th and 8th week.

Whether in the BioFiltre or substrate, microorganisms generally does not create problems provided that the medium is moist and ozonated. To protect them, he is also advised to avoid any abrupt change in its environment, both either in temperature or pH. In addition, more numerous and comfortable will be microbes, will best be nourished plants.

Attention: a significant drop of pH is a warning signal that indicates with certainty the mortality of a large number of agencies. In this case it is necessary to find the cause, treat it and return to sow.

Bioponic Mix (WB) and SubCulture are two different products. SubCulture eliminates pathogenic fungi in roots and decomposed organic matter in the nutritive solution. BM serves only to decompose organic matter. If you already use the SubCulture, it is not necessary to use the World Bank.


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