Bio Filtre Completo

Bio Filtre Completo


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BioFiltre gives new life to the water and eliminate the debilitating effects by stress in plants: changes of temperature or lack of aeration. It protects the roots against pathogens. Includes stars Biofiltre and SubCulture 10 gr.




Designed, tested and created in our greenhouses BioFiltre It is the answer long-awaited for a free solution of agents pathogens. It is the essential tool for the success of all the growers, whether hydroponics or soil...

In addition, BioFiltre gives life to the water that it complements with BioMagix, a unique mixture of living micro-organisms that They colonize the roots and prevent the development of agents pathogens in the solution. In hydroponically, and even more in soil, is establishes a relationship symbiotic between host plant and the agencies that help a. convert matter into easy power supplies access for both sides.

The BioFiltre is a biological filter to purifiva, detoxifies, cleans and oxígenea the water and nutritive solution!
The BioFiltre is a quintuple action:


  1. 1 - The internal sponge retains alls the floating residues and organic materials.
  2. 2. The Blue waterfall zigzag stimulates oxygen content and detoxifies the water by elimination of harmful components volatile issued by the roots.


  1. It gradually colonize the roots to form a protective barrier that suppresses the survival of agents pathogens and its spread,
  2. It helps break down organic waste becoming exploitable elements to the plant, increasing Thus the amount of nutritive salts in solution,
  3. It facilitates the absorption of minerals by the plant.

Uses BioFiltre to give new life to the water, and removes the debilitating effects by stress in your plants: when the temperatures rise or the substrate is not very airy, when the ventilation is insufficient and inadequate circulation (or when mix) two or more (conditions above), your plants will suffer from a lack of oxygen in the field of the roots and is they become vulnerable. Given the stress to which they are subjected will emit ethylene, a substance recognized immediately by pathogens such as sign clear alteration and, therefore,an incentive of attack...

Easy use and clean, quick to assemble and simple maintenance BioFiltre is the answer to all the problems of roots. In soil or in hydroponically, for all kinds of water and all stations, it gives a new dimension to your crop and is 100% biological,! ... and safe!

How to use the BioFiltre?
BioFiltre is exclusively used in hydroponics (substrate) (absorbent and barren roots). Just hook it to the wall of deposit, fill it water, connect it and implement it. Follow the attached instructions and do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly with any questions.

When to use the BioFiltre?
Only in hydroponics (absorbent substrate - balls of) (clay, lava - stones and barren roots) as Habitat for microorganisms (BioMagix and BM) or independently for oxygenate the nutritive solution.

What are the advantages of the BioFiltre?
Thanks to BioFiltre and stars have been provided, the micro-organisms are a fertile ground where acclimatization and reproduce easily, thus protecting the roots with total effectiveness.

how much time is needed to see the results?
Microorganisms are very quickly since I installed. The roots recover its vigour and in a few days, if it were affected, you will see how returning to sprout new roots.

Why use the BioFiltre?
To protect against pathogens roots not There is another more effective method.

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