FloraDuo - Grow - Bloom (1 Litro)

FloraDuo - Grow - Bloom (1 Litro)

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Mineral nutrient full in two parts to use jointly but in proportions and different concentrations, depending on the life cycle of plants; It also includes exclusive bioactive elements that enhance the overall health of the plants, its ability to absorb nutrients and their resistance to pests and pathogens




Complete, focused and profitable: This is FloraDuo, a new formula for the latest scientific advances. FloraDuo is a plant food into two parts (FloraDuo Grow and FloraDuo Bloom) used together but in proportions and different concentrations, depending on the life cycle of their plants. 

FloraDuo is a mineral nutrient composed of two parts, FloraDuo Grow and FloraDuo Bloom. This is our new formula, designed and created in collaboration with Dr. Cal Herrmann and William Texier and inspired by recent advances in plant nutrition.

FloraDuo is a "classic" mineral nutrient, although it is characterised by a fundamental difference: each and every one of the elements necessary for a plant come from a wide variety of different sources. Of course, a precise formula is basic to create a high-quality nutrient, but that is not all! It is also very important that each element comes from sources and different salts. Thus manages to be available, at any time, in a State in which the plants can absorb them. And we do not stop there: add elements that could be called "promoters" to the bottle. Not it's nutrients direct to plants, but elements that improve their overall health, their capacity of absorption of food and its resistance to the attack of insects and pathogens.

FloraDuo is a complete nutrient, DiseNado especially for fast growing plants, whose needs change significantly in the phases of growth and flowering. It is composed of two parts: FloraDuo Grow and FloraDuo Bloom. To ensure the best results and adapt the product to all regions, offer you two versions of "Grow": for hard water and soft water. FloraDuo Grow "soft water" is intended for desmineralizadas water and reverse osmosis.

The concentration of FloraDuo is very high: 4 ml/l is sufficient to obtain a balanced and robust growth. Its price is also very attractive, which is why FloraDuo is economical and profitable.

In addition, FloraDuo is easy to use: all growth needs by mixing 3 parts of FloraDuo Grow with 1 part of FloraDuo Bloom are covered. You won't have to invest these proportions (3 parts of Bloom and Grow 1 part) to meet all the needs of flowering. FloraDuo guarantees a perfect balance between growth and flowering, you don't need anything else to obtain abundant and healthy crops.

Like all our nutrients, FloraDuo is a complete formula of itself: does not need to rely on supplements to improve the diet of their plants. It is the synthesis of lessons learned thanks to 30 years of education and experience, our years of collaboration with laboratories of research (particularly)(e with the University of California at Davis), and also thanks to the information sent by thousands of customers that use our products around the world.

For users of "One Part" (Total Grow and Bloom Total): When the formula appeared for the first time in 1998, One Part was a revolution in plant nutrition. Now, after 5 years of exhaustive research, FloraDuo part of the same base, but with different characteristics. FloraDuo differs from One Part in its ability to adapt to all kinds of waters (hard and soft), its highest concentration and the originality of its conception. It will bring advantages as a substitute for One Part, in crops on soil as hydroponic. If you already use OnePart, do not hesitate to move to FloraDuo: you are going to love the results.

FloraDuo Grow favours the growth and structural development, obtaining strong roots and also preparing for an intense flowering. 

FloraDuo Bloom It provides everything you need for abundant flowering and fruiting and helps you get the best possible match to the genetic potential of its plants. FloraDuo is a complete nutrient which includes also exclusive promoters.

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