CO2 Tabs (60)

CO2 Tabs (60)


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Tablets to dissolve in the irrigation water or deposits. Increase production, advance the crop and increase the contribution of SM to the root system and its development. They can be used throughout the lifecycle of the plant.






Use a Tablet for every 100 litres of water. In hydroponic systems you can simply add the tablet to the water tank. Overdose is not necessary nor harmful to plants. Apply twice a week for best results and throughout the life cycle of the plant.


These tablets of CO2 you have a powerful and revolutionary product aimed at the cannabis plants in any culture medium. These tablets of easy to use and very economic have been developed especially to replace expensive and complicated systems for the provision of CO2. Tablets release CO2 in the water with what growth is reinforced and stimulated. The plants healthy absorverán much more carbon dioxide than was available in the air.

Attention: Add CO2 just before the period of darkness does not give any result that plants do not absorb CO2 At night. Tablets release CO2 for 5-6 hours after your application.


Carbon dioxide (CO)2) is an indispensable element in the plant life cycle. Through the biochemical process of photosynthesis, the CO2  and water(in the presence of light energy), are transformed into carbohydrates, which form the basis for the growth of plants. During this process, the availability of CO2 It is a critical factor of development. The mean concentration of CO2 It is about 340 ppm in air, various research shows crops to improve its performance to increase this amount up to 600-1000 ppm during hours with light.

There are two types of carbonic fertilization: atmospheric with high pressure bottles and dispensers of gas and the carbonic fertilization in irrigation achieved with these tablets. The advantages of using tablets for other systems are as follows: tablets are the most effective and economic system of providing CO2 to your water for irrigation and not need a team of storage (bottle) or gasification unit or equipment of injection and distribution, on the other hand are very expensive.

Carbonic fertilization in water benefits: increases crop production, anticipates the crops, improves the quality of the flowers (density and size), facilitates the sponge of the ground, greater intake of oxygen and development of the root system, increases resistance to pests and diseases, improves the profitability with minimal investment.

For a carbonic fertilization in irrigation, these tablets are the best option.

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