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High amounts of CO2 accelerate and increase the growth of plants. CO2Boost provides a supply of CO2 without bottles of gas, humidity or burning flames. Consists of a cube that contains a formula patented a tube a




During these years, the growers had two options for adding CO2 in its greenhouses: CO2 tanks or generators. Both have their disadvantages: tanks are suspicious and heavy while the generators require a flame lit and produce heat. Farmers should make a large investment in equipment.

Now, with CO2Boost, even small growers of 1 square meter can afford a supplement of the levels of gas without adding heat or investing in expensive monitors and generators. The only grower has to connect the CO2Boost cycle of photosynthesis which provides growth much more fast and crops substantially more high, with truly spectacular yields per square meter.



In addition, people who have inner larger crops can put aside ppm monitors and other techniques, using our 100% natural Co2. You simply point the hose directly to your garden and soon time will look like your plants thrive.

Tip # 1:

There are two options for positioning the tip of the tube of silicone. If possible, the first and best option is to position the right tube on the plants. If you use a rail to move your lights, enclosed tube set that moves with the rail and achieve a sharing in the area of cultivation.

Tip # 2:

The second option is to place the end of the tube at the rear of the recirculation fan. This option will distribute the Co2 natural around the room, although we suggest the first option, this will work also.

More tips:

It is essential to keep the area under cultivation sealed to retain Co2. The Co2 can escape through the smallest holes, so be sure that your room is so sealed as possible. However, if you put the tube just above your plants and the Co2 is in direct contact with them, you'll see results regardless of hermetic is growing room.

** The Co2 is a natural product that has been designed to work with the light cycle. Plants only consume Co2 when they are exposed to light and therefore it is recommended to switch the pump off when the light is off, IE, the best option is to match the Co2Boost operation cycle of thelight.


1. What in the cube and how it works?

Co2Boost contains a combination of natural ingredients from the compost. These ingredients are mixed and introduced into the tub where the Co2 is generated in a natural way. The small compressor is inserted into the cube and the natural Co2 releases about plants.

2 How long?

Our product works at least 60 days if used continuously. If you connect with on/off switch the lights cycle, Co2Boost works 75-90 days. We suggest using a cube for cultivation to ensure the proper functioning.

3 Can you use the cube sporadically and save it for later use?

No, once the cube is activated has a maximum 90-day life; then please purchase a new cube.

4. It produces odors?

No, despite being a product 100% organic does not generate any odor.

5 Is available in specialty stores?

If. Ask for it at your usual store. If they do not have the product, write a messageand you will indicate alternative shops which are circulated.

6 What is the best way to distribute the Co2?

Each system carries with it a hose that connects to the pump. The best way of distribution is by placing the end of the hose directly on the tops of your plants, allowing Co2 to fall on the leaves and roots. This is a good way to avoid problems such as the lack of air and ventilation. Each Co2Boost contains a pamphlet which includes a section of Assembly and instructions.

7. What can an excessive amount of Co2 cause damage my plants or pets?

The answer is Yes, but our product does not generate enough Co2 to harm plants in a greenhouse of reasonable steps. However, if you are growing in a small area of about 60 x 60 cm, it is recommended the Co2Boost timed to minimize the contribution of Co2.

8 Is there some other ingredient or hazardous gases in the bucket?

No, our products are 100% natural and free of danger. In fact, once the cube has been used it can open and use the material in its interior as fertilizer for your garden.

9 So room size can apply?

It is recommended for rooms of approximately 6 m2 as maximum and greenhouses of 60 x 60 cm at least.

nd a pump.

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