Cannazym (5 Litros - 10 Litros)

Cannazym (5 Litros - 10 Litros)


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NEW FORMULA. Amendment of soil that enhances the resistance of the plant; It accelerates the disintegration of dead roots, stimulates the microvida, improves the abosorción of nutrients and dissolved the accumulation of salts by hard water or excess fertilizer.





This extremely popular product is an enzymatic preparation of high quality which is responsible for the breakdown of the roots of dead, avoiding in this way they rot. Apart from this creates more free space for the rest of the roots that in this way will receive enough oxygen. CANNAZYM also contains vitamins that stimulate the development of the plant. This allows a better absorption of the nutrients and increases the resistance against pathogens.

CANNAZYM contains more than 15 different enzymes. CANNAZYM has been enriched with specific vitamins and extracts of plants of the desert. CANNAZYM accelerates the disintegration of the material on dead roots, stimulates the microvida, improves the absorption of nutrients and increases resistance to pathogens in addition to dissolve excess salts because of the continued use of fertilizers.


● Shake the bottle very well before use
● Dissolve 250 ml of the concentrate in 100 liters of water (1: 400)
● At least once a week for the crop. Drip systems, recommends adding continually to the nutritive solution
● In case of using used plates (not treated), has double dosage during one month
● where they reuse treated plates, doubling the dosage during1-2 weeks
● Non has to prepare more nutritive solution which s and intend to use in 10 days
● Not administer simultaneously with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) products

Other instructions

● An excess of fertilizers can affect the fertility of the soil and the quality of the plants
● Store closed in a dark and frost free place
● Keep out of reach of children


CANNA employs only nutritious substances and pure chelates of high quality that the plant can absorb directly and completely.

The dosage bottle is manufactured with polyethylene (no PVC or cadmium), easily recyclable and biodegradable plastic.


New & improved
CANNAZYM now comes in a new presentation and with a completely different life perspective. This revolutionary product from CANNA, which allowed farmers to know the benefits of enzymes for years, is still today a unique product in terms of application and performance. CANNAZYM protects the investment of the grower from the devastating effects of the root diseases. CANNAZYM is the only product enzim��Tico available on the market that focuses specifically on the source of nutrients and the underlying cause that causes asphyxia root, root remains and dead roots. We would be able to make CANNAZYM a better product? Could we improve this constant and matchless, effect which has satisfied the needs of many growers around the world? The answer is: Yes, we did it!

CANNA increased enzyme concentration in the new formula of CANNAZYM through modification of OME production processes. As a result, increases the activity of enzymes for the pulp and shortens the response time of active effects. This is a way to explain, from a technical point of view, that the product has a better effect in their plants. We always insist on it, and thus indicated it on the label: the product must be moved well before using it. That the new formula is more concentrated and have used a different condom, is now even more important to shake the bottle well before use CANNAZYM because its components can be separated slightly if the product is not used for a long time. Shake the bottle well ensures that components return to emulsify it.

You will notice that the new CANNAZYM has a different color. This color is maintained more orleast during the lifetime of the product. In the previous version of CANNAZYM aging could be measured by the color: while the product was more old, clear was your colour. This does not happen in the new CANNAZYM; the color is not an indication of the age. In addition, the durability of the product is now much better.

Useful life
We are pleased to announce that the new improved formula of CANNAZYM has a guaranteed life of 24 months, a substantial improvement if one takes into account that the formula above only had a year-long. Storage conditions have an impact on the conservation of the products. Keeping CANNAZYM after opening the bottle in a dark and controlled atmosphere, at a temperature between 9 and 21 ° C, it results in increased product durability. This means that you no longer has to worry about the products stored for long periods. But don't forget to shake the bottle!

Another problem of the previous formula of CANNAZYM were frost. The crystals of ice permanently harmed some enzymes, thereby reducing their effect. The freezing problem been resolved thanks to the new improved formula of CANNAZYM. Enzymes are now better "protected", however, it is recommended not to keep the product in the freezer!

/ > The label of the product has also been adapted to the new formula. Some EC values product may have slight increases; However, these will be low enough to not affect the attached agenda. Farmers who believe that "it is always better to use more" will have to take some precautions before applying it. After years of research, CANNA very proud to present the new improved version of CANNAZYM. Entiénda, is the same product, but better still.

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