Aqua Flores A+B (1 Litro)

Aqua Flores A+B (1 Litro)

Aqua Flores A+B (1 Litro)

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Aqua flowers to meet the changing needs of the cannabis plant when it begins flowering. During this phase of flowering, requires considerably less nitrogen, but increases the need for potassium and phosphorus.

Aqua flowers is not only rich in these components, such as Silicon acid, humic and fulvic acids, with which the plant can absorb optimally all the nutrients, but also in trace elements immediately absorbable chelated, which translates into an exuberant flowering.

How to use

-Shake the bottle very well before use

-Fill the tank of water nutrition

-Add Aqua flowers in a proportion of 1: 333 (A. 300 ml and 300 ml B by 100 litres of water) in the following manner to the tank of nutrition: Add Aqua flowers to the tank of nutrition, mix well, then add Aqua flowers B and then back to mix well and allow the mixture to rest for a few hours

-The EC of the Aqua Flores dissolved in (tap) water will then be between 1.3-2.1 mS (= EC concentrate + EC water)

-Recommended pH value: 5.2-6.2 due to the special composition of the nutritive solution is not necessary to subsequently adjust the pH

-Apply from the moment that begins the formation of the fl minors (from 1 to 3 weeks with 5 hours of light)

-Renew food regularly

Other instrucciones

-For the phase of plant growth, CANNA has developed another fertilizer Aqua Vega

-The A and B never concentrated must mix in its purest form. Then, form insoluble compounds that the plant cannot absorb

-Closed store in a dark and frost-free place

-Keep out of reach of children


CANNA uses only nutritious substances and pure chelates of high quality which the plant can absorb directly and completely. Dosage bottle is manufactured with polyethylene (no PVC or cadmium), easily recyclable and biodegradable plastic.

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