Alga-C (250ml - 500ml - 1 Litro)

Alga-C (250ml - 500ml - 1 Litro)

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Alga-C is a unique Bio Stimulator: it is a concentrate of high quality based on trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and plant hormones. All earned thanks to a high concentration of algae.




-Alga-C promotes the health of the plant and increases the defenses against diseases.

-Alga-C can be used in any substrate for an unlimited period of time.

-You can use powder-coated Alga-C on the leaves or add to their basic nutrients.


Organic farming WINS in popularity. This liquid bio-stimulant fully meets this demand. It's a bio-stimulant composed of organic materials, such as various seaweed. It is therefore rich in amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and plant hormones. Thus, helps prevent the stress of the plant and supplies to everything you need. This favors the status of crops, reducing the possibility of diseases and deficiencies. In short, it is essential for the production of healthy plants

You can use it daily with irrigation water during the complete cycles of growth and flowering, as a supplement to the usual food. The Alga-C can also be used as foliar feed. In this case apply spraying the leaves. 

As a supplement to the current food: 2 to 5 ml per liter of water nutrient.
As foliar feed: 1 to 3 ml per liter of water. Spray the face and the underside of the leaves. 

NPK Alga-C: 0-0 - 0 (w)


Guaranteed quality:
Fertilizers liquid of Atami and stimulants are sealed underneath the screw top and protected from light by an opaque container, so its quality is guaranteed.

Pay attention:
Store in cool place and shake well before using it. Keep out of reach of children. Only for use domestically.

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