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Varieties and strains of cannabis.

  • Indicas

    Indicas (cannabis indica) are the "Big Boys" of the cannabis family: big buds, big production, big amounts of resin. They are shorter-flowering (some in as little as 45-50 days) and have a more CBD-rich composition than the sativas, making for more relaxant, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects. Ideal for outdoor cultivation in most temperate climates-

  • Sativas

    Sativas (cannabis sativa) is a long flowering type of cannabis prominent in areas closer to the tropics. Sativas take longer to flower, but reward the grower with a special, THC-rich effect that is more cerebral than physical.

  • Hybrids

    The best of both worlds, cannibas sativa-indica hybrids combine the best characterstics of the cerebral, psychedelic sativas, and the more relaxing, chill, even medicinal indica plants.

  • Medicinal

    Varieties of cannabis with high CBD, anti-inflammatory, appetite-inducing, insomnia-relieving, nausea-reducing, anti-spasmotic, and other medical properties.

  • Old School Genetics
    Old School Genetics

    Classic and Old-School marijuana strains, genetics that never fail!

  • Dwarf

    Dwarf or mini varieties of cannabis, principally of the autoflowering type. Ideal for discreet grows or indoor grows in reduced spaces.

  • Blue

    "Blue" cannabis genetics, known for their lovely colors (especially in cool climates), their unique taste, and their adaptability to outdoor cultivation.

  • Haze

    The HAZE family has its origins in tropical 100% sativas, and today this cannabis has been preserved and hybridized to make exciting new strains as well as classic marijuana varieties.

  • Critical

    The strains in the Critical cannabis family come from the original Critical Mass, and this variety has become the queen of commercial ganja in Europe!

  • Early

    Early blossoming cannabis varieties ideal for outdoor growing. Ideal also for guerilla growing.

  • Hash Plant
    Hash Plant

    Hash Plants are mostly afghani indicas or similar cannabis plants that are useful in the making of hashish from their abundant resin. Medicinal properties (high CBD).

  • IBL

    IBLs (Inbred Lines) are endogamic strains of cannabis ideal for genetics projects, breeding, or productive cultivation.

  • Purple

    Purple cannabis strains are known for their beautiful violet and purple colors, especially when summer nights are cool. Ideal for medical and outdoor growing.

  • Commercial

    Cannabis varieties ideal for large-scale medical production.

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