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Nutrient and fertilizer brands

  • Buddhas Tree
    Buddhas Tree

    Buddhas Tree

  • CannaBioGen

    CannaBioGen makes Delta 9, a bio-mineral blossom blaster made with algae extract and with extra P & K.

  • Canna

    CANNA is a producer of nutrients and growing mediums for the cultivation of fast growing plants, especially cannabis. Organic, mineral and hydro lines.

  • Bio Bizz
    Bio Bizz

    Bio Bizz are Dutch makers of certified organic nutrients, fertilizers and cultivation media.

  • Agrobacterias

    Agrobacterias, made in Spain, bring you the highest quality and 100% organic plant fortifiers, pesticides and fungicides. Made with safe, natural ingredients.

  • Atami

    Atami are a Dutch maker of quality nutrients for all growing media, and make the flowering stimulator BloomBlastic.

  • Kaya Solutions
    Kaya Solutions

    Made in Spain, Kaya Solutions provide certified organic nutrients for professional and domestic horticulture, useable in all growing media.

  • Hesi

    HESI mineral fertilizers are an effective and affordable option for all growing media.

  • General Hydroponics (GHE)
    General Hydroponics (GHE)

    General Hydroponics is a leading innovator in the field of hydroponics in North America and Europe. Today, GH has gone beyond hydro and also offers top-quality organic nutrients as well as an ample line of products for use in domestic horticulture and cannabis cultivation.

  • Grotek

    Grotek™ is located in the heart of the rich agricultural lands surrounding the Fraser river, in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Our ISO 9001:2008 approved facility produces consistent quality products for our clients around the world. The main focus at Grotek is to create innovative solutions from initial research, through to a concept, and all the way to an effective product. We continue listening to and working with our worldwide partners in an effort to provide a top quality specialty fertilizer to all those searching for gardening success.

    Our Vision:
    To be the leading global brand of earth safe horticultural products.

    Our Mission:
    Through science, create and manufacture the leading brand of innovative, earth safe horticultural products that contribute to our customer’s success.

    Good luck in the garden, and grow big with Grotek™.

  • JBQ

    Spanish Fertilizer Brand JBQ specializes in natural and 100% organic fertilizers, pest control and plant fertilziers, made under strict European standards. 

  • Guanokalong

    Guanokalong provides indoor and outdoor growers of all types of plants with top quality guano-based fertilizers and extracts, including pure bat guano from Asia. Liquid and powedered guano.

  • Essentials

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