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Everything you need for your domestic horticulture needs. 

  • Aeroponics

    Aeroponics uses pumps and a water and nutrient reservoir to supply free-hanging roots. Aeroponic equipment for starting your grow. Aero offers higher yields, faster crops, and less mess to deal with before and after your harvest.

  • Hydroponics

    Hydroponics is a soilless growing system. Since no soil is used, maximum attention must be given to the nutrients and measurment of PH and EC levels.

  • Soil, Coco, and Media
    Soil, Coco, and Media

    Soil and substrates for planting anything, from cannabis to tomatoes and more. Organic and conventional soils. Rock wool. Mapito. Vermiculite and perlite. Coco coir and peat moss. Organic and conventional soil.

  • Pots and trays
    Pots and trays

    Pots, trays, and more, for planting cannabis or anything else.

  • Watering and Irrigation
    Watering and Irrigation

    Watering and irrigation systems for domestic horticulture.

  • Measurement and Tools
    Measurement and Tools

    Measurement and tools for measuring EC, Ph, temperature, humidity, and more. PH and EC meters and calibration.

  • Guerrilla Growing
    Guerrilla Growing

    Supplies specifically for guerrilla growing--or growing cannabis in the wild or other unmonitored places.

  • Tools and Accessories
    Tools and Accessories

    Tools and accessories for growing

  • Microscopes and Loupes
    Microscopes and Loupes

    Microscopes, magnificying glasses and loupes for the analysis of resin trichomes in cannabis as well as identifying insect and mold infestations and other plant problems.

  • Reflective Plastic and Screens
    Reflective Plastic and Screens

    Reflective Plastic and Screens for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Mylar, plastic netting, anti infrared plastics, SCROG netting and more.

  • Books and Guides
    Books and Guides

    Books and guides on indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation, as well as a number of other topics such as LSD, extasy, magic mushrooms, general horticulture, and more.

  • Harvest and Storage
    Harvest and Storage

    Everything you need for the harvest, cutting, drying and storage of aromatic or medicinal plants and herbs such as cannabis. Scissor s and shears, drying systes, curing sytems, and more,. 

  • Clones, rooting, and germination
    Clones, rooting, and germination

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